when a 12 year old is attacking u on tumblr.com



Some Pearl doodles. Today was not a good day for drawing (edit: the weather was rather killing)


honestly i just wanted to draw jades hair but it got out of hand









Why is Homestuck missing?

Because, while Homestuck may be annoying to people not in the fandom, it talks about DIFFERENT THINGS. It updates frequently. All you ever hear about Doctor Who is him and Rose leaning against a wall. All you ever hear about Supernatural is that Dean and Cas are gay. All you ever hear about Sherlock is that he loved John so much he jumped off a building for him. And all you hear about Avengers is that Loki is precious.

Homestuck may be a lot of annoying things, but at least it is a LOT of annoying things instead of just the same one over and over.

god bless tumblr user orangelemonart


the lyrics to a cruel angel’s thesis have always struck a chord with me


Sonia says “Gundam? more like gun-damnnnnnnn.”


Me on the first day of school


All my Crockerhighstuck uniform bases so far ! You can use them if you want but please credit me !

Table of contents :

  • All 13 canon troll blood colors + 1 hidden blood (grey)
  • All 12 canon aspects
  • 10 Troll uniforms (Condesce, Redglare, Damara, Aranea, Porrim, Kanaya, Eridan, Feferi, Nepeta, Equius)
  • 4 Prospit uniforms
  • 4 Derse uniforms
  • 4 Sourstuck uniforms (Jane, Roxy, Jake and Dirk)
  • 3 Crockercorp uniforms
  • 3 Handmaid uniforms
  • 2 Cherubs uniforms (Caliborn and Calliope)
  • 2 Sprites uniforms (Jadesprite and Nannasprite)
  • 2 Uniforms for Rose (Normal black and lilac and Velvet squiddleknit)
  • 2 Uniforms for Dave (Black suit and Red suit)
  • 2 Uniforms for Jade (blue and white and 3am)
  • 1 Uniform for Jane (blue and grey)
  • 1 Uniform for Roxy (pink and purple)
  • 1 Felt uniform
  • 1 Bot uniform
  • 1 Classic pink uniform
  • 1 blank uniform with awful colors for your recoloring pleasure

Full resolution here 

tavros more like tavGROSS am i right ladies tavros more like tavGROSS am i right ladies

tavros more like tavGROSS am i right ladies


[goes to school for one day] damn been here for WEEKS when are the next holidays tomorrow i hope


These are thing now